Episode 1

In this episode of Cinema Mayhem, we discuss everything from movies we have been watching, to movies that are coming out. We also discuss what things would have been like in an alternate universe if Quentin Tarantino had directed “Star Wars” or if Steven Spielberg had directed “The Iron Giant”. And to round it out, we talk about what a sequel or remake to Pulp Fiction could have been like. Check it out!

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4 Responses to Episode 1

  • Hi! Just finished listening to your first episode. Congratulations! I especially like “What If.” In that segment, I think you should describe the opening scenes of your reimagined films as well as naming the casts. As a listener, it would be fun to guess your combos before you divulge details of the directors and movie titles.

    • Thanks Laura, we’re glad you gave us a listen. That’s a good idea for the “What If” segment. I’ll pass the word along!

  • Had the chance to listen to the first episode not too long ago… you and your co-hosts have some very interesting thoughts about the art of movies. Will attempt to listen to the other 5 episodes as my schedule will permit in the near future.

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