Meet The Crew

Here are the men responsible for the joyfulness that fills your ears on the Cinema Mayhem podcast:

Andy Andy – I like movies. Well, sort of. It’s a complicated relationship. I tend to really dislike more movies than I enjoy. People call me a movie snob and this is a true statement. My tastes are all over the board but if it’s good, I won’t deny it. On the show, you can recognize me easily because I’m the guy that says “ya know” a lot and smacks his lips before speaking. My favorite movie is Frankenstein (1931) but close seconds are Blade Runner, Alien, Ghostbusters and the Shining.

Jake Jake – Growing up in the 1980’s, I have a certain affinity for cheap “video rental” movies. These were quite popular during the 80s-90s and influenced a lot of the way I perceive film. Chances are a bad “B” movie that you might dismiss, I can find a million reasons to love. I am a huge fan of Japanese Kaiju cinema, sword & sorcery and Hammer horror as well as more mainstream but perhaps dated genres like mysteries and westerns. I like stuff like Puppet Master, War of the Gargantuas, Tombstone, Treasure of Sierra Madre and Chinatown. Yeah, my DVD shelf is pretty weird.

Audel Audel – I’m Audel and I love movies; especially neo-noir pictures with plenty of crime and violence. Some of my favorites include Pulp Fiction, Children of Men, Fight Club, Taxi Driver, Fargo, and Eastern Promises. To me, cinema is an art that is meant to be enjoyed. It is meant to entertain. To tell a compelling story. To invoke emotions. To appeal to visceral perceptions. To display fascinating visuals. And when a movie is able to successfully accomplish these daunting tasks, you’ll find a great piece of cinema to be enjoyed with popcorn and a beverage.